SMART Service

DESMA Customer Care provides digital connectivity and in person assistance to ensure production success.

ѻý provides market support to ensure your productivity. We know that diagnosis, prompt spare parts supply and timely communication is crucial to your production success. Using a mixture of digital connectivity and in person service technicians we ensure your production remains in process.

The DESMA Customer Care Center team consist of a Director of Customer Management, Customer Care Manager, Service Logistics Manager, and Spare Parts Specialists. 

ѻý now provides a single point of contact for emails, phone call and communication related to service inquiries. The use of a common email address and phone number together with the assignment of a tracking number provides priority assistance for your service and parts related needs. This tracking number allows all members of the DESMA CCC department including our Service Manager, Parts Manager and Customer Care representatives and others to work on, assign and follow up based on real time information.

We maintain a sizeable parts inventory to quickly and efficiently support you onsite. In Hebron, Kentucky we stock injection screws and barrels, hydraulic pumps and valves, pressure sensors, seals, fittings and most common wear items based on our history and tenure in this market. Using one of two shipping specialist onsite we have the ability to ship parts out using overnight service to deliver parts to keep production running.

To ensure your staff has the right parts on hand at the right time, ѻý offers customized spare parts packages specific to your machine. Our parts packages are created against our experience of wear items, and feedback from you regarding your local support network. This approach ensures customer readiness.

Digital Diagnostics are another way in which DESMA can provide prompt service. Using REMOS and SmartConnect, software engineers at our facility can remotely diagnose problems in real time to ensure parts or on order and system software is up to date. Save travel time and costs while getting faster diagnosis to keep production on time.  

Customer Care Center: customercare.us@desma.biz / 859 – 372 – 3399

Spare Parts: parts.us@desma.biz / 859 – 372 – 3346