Air Compressor Dryer For Air Liquide

Founded in 1902, Air Liquide is the world’s largest supplier of industrial and medical gases and related services. Air Liquide is a listed company in the Paris stock market. Among Forbes’ top 500 companies in 2005, Air Liquide ranked 354, first in the gas industry.

Due to the needs of the process, the user has high requirements for the dew point of compressed air. It must ensure the pressure dew point is lower than – 70 ℃ for a long time. Our company has provided two sets of LY-H450HXD heated regeneration adsorption dryers for it.

The site uses two sets of ultra-low dew point energy-saving heating regeneration adsorption dryers with a 3000 Nm3 / h capacity and a dew point temperature of – 80 ℃.

Machine Used

Adsorption Heated Regeneration Desiccant Air Dryer

Heated regeneration adsorption dryer is a conventional series of products of Lingyu company, which is positioned as stable and durable. On the basis of a heatless regeneration adsorption dryer, he added a regeneration gas heater, which has a better energy-saving type compared with a heatless regeneration absorption dryer.